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ECS is a corporation with a conscience. Our corporate mission revolves around creating tools that allow health care providers (HCP) the ability to increase patient safety in their practice.


ECS has created a palette of tools that provide patient safety enhancement through innovative, patent pending electronic resources. Products such as the ECS Spartan™ a medical integrity and compliance kiosk allow HCPs and their organizations the ability to get compliant with regulations that relate to patient safety in hospitals, PCP settings, medical groups, etc. The Spartan™ system incorporates unprecedented, one of a kind features such as the Spartan™ Patient Portal™, Direct-to-Doc™ Pharma Portal with the innovative E-Brandaids™ info clips, and Spartan Scripting™; these features allow a HCP never before available tools to manage their practice in a manner that mitigates risks and protects their patients.


For years, the health care industry has struggled to provide adequate patient safety that relates to pharmaceutical tracking and patient education. ECS has solved this problem!


The Spartan™ system allows the HCP the ability to electronically track pharmaceutical samples and RXs while linking to patient educational resources and clinical material. This information is then electronically cross-referenced with data from the Prescribing Information (PI) of a particular therapy to create a more efficient mechanism of accurately managing patient safety. ECS tools manage RXs, sample therapies, patient education material, PI material like Mechanism of Action (MOA) of a therapy, Dosing, Adverse Events (AEs), Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Pharmacodynamics (PD), as well as, drug-to-drug interactions, etc. The Spartan™ system creates the most comprehensive Chain of Custody of drugs and therapies available in the market today. The Spartan™ provides the HCP with the most thorough tracking mechanism ever created for Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) adherence of drugs that are received, stored, and distributed in the health care setting. The Spartan™ also provides patient education that is geared towards educating the patient as a patient safety goal.


The system was created to comply with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) focus on patient safety through the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) and the CMS Quality Initiatives (#4 Interoperable HIT promotion/adoption) in which the CMS states their goal is to, “Assist practitioners in making care more effective and less costly, especially by promoting the adoption of HIT.” Compliance with the (PDMA) is also a main pillar of the ECS Spartan™ system.

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